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The Top Benefits of Uniforms for Landscaping Employees

Although often overlooked, uniforms can offer a huge boost to your landscape company’s professional image. Along with free advertising and brand recognition, Arizona Uniform’s Branded Apparel Programs are designed specifically to help promote company pride and improve workflow.

But uniform programs can do even more than that! Below, we’ll discuss the many benefits of an employee uniform program.

Uniforms Give Your Landscapers and Company a More Professional Image

Perhaps the biggest benefit of employee uniforms is the sense of professionalism that they bring. As a landscaping business, you know that you need more than quality tools and an eye for detail to achieve success. You also need trustworthy employees with customer service skills. When your landscapers wear easily recognizable corporate uniforms, company employees appear more professional, which can go a long way in helping to improve customer relationships.

Save Money, Dress Better

One benefit that may not be immediately obvious is that by giving your employees a specific uniform to wear to job sites, you eliminate their worry and expense over buying new work clothes. 

Not only does this save them money, but time as well. When employees have to wear a uniform to work, they don’t have to spend their mornings figuring out what is appropriate dress for the job ahead.

Minimize Employee Conflict

Implementing uniforms for your landscaping business means you can worry less about employees showing up to work in inappropriate clothing. Simply having a dress code in place leaves room for interpretation, where a provided uniform does not. This not only helps to protect your workers by providing them appropriate, durable clothing for their job, it also helps to facilitate a sense of uniformity and even teamwork.

Employee Uniforms Deliver Functional Benefits

With the likelihood of performing labor intensive tasks outdoors, it’s especially important to provide landscapers with uniforms that are cool and comfortable to work in. Custom-designed work uniforms can help protect employees from the sun, and some work uniform programs even offer antimicrobial fabrics that help control and reduce the bacteria that can cause odors.

Consider T-shirts, polos, and pants that not only help to keep employees cool, but also take into account the need for high-visibility colors that make it easy to identify employees from a distance. When looking for high-visibility options, look for bright colors like yellow, orange, and light green.

You also want to make sure that the chosen uniforms are easy to move in and wash. Clothes that are too tight will be uncomfortable, whereas those that are too loose could be hazardous. Landscaping is an understandably dirty job, making easy to wash fabrics a must.

Customizing Your Team’s Uniforms

If you want to make wearing uniforms a more personalized experience, consider adding team member’s names onto their shirts.

Personalizing uniforms is great for two main reasons:

  1. It shows your hard-working landscapers that you value their talent and effort.
  2. It helps promote better relationships with your customers.

No one enjoys having strangers work on their properties. Adding names to your team’s uniforms is a simple way to make your service feel more personable. When your customers know the names of the professionals working on their properties, they’ll feel more comfortable with their service and may even be more likely to recommend your business to their friends!

Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Employee Uniform Programs?

Having an appropriate employee uniform program is a great way for business managers to immediately establish a more professional image. Work uniforms can promote a sense of camaraderie amongst your team while providing advertising for your landscape business.

At Arizona Uniform, we are the leading provider of uniform programs and promotional products for a wide range of industries. To learn more about promotional products by Arizona Uniform, call 800-243-5757.


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